Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lessons to Learn from Dr. Seuss

Hello friends!  I'm so glad you came to stop by today!  Soon we'll all be celebrating one of the greatest author's birthday, Dr. Seuss, in our classrooms.  Have you ever really stopped to think why we celebrate this legendary writer and illustrator?

I'll be honest with you... As a teacher, we celebrate so many things people outside in the real world don't celebrate it's not even funny.  I mean, how many times have you had a Dental Health celebration at your home?  We kind of get caught up in the celebrate-teach-celebrate mode, that we forget the real reason why we celebrate at all.  That's me.  Yes, it's on my calendar.  Yes, there are activities planned.  Why?  Because all the other teachers are doing it.  Heck, we're even having an all school celebration, so I guess I better jump on the bandwagon. I admit it; I've been guilty for over 18 years.  

But not this year...

I decided to celebrate one of my favorite authors this year, genuinely and with a purpose!  I researched, learned more about the Dr., and even joined a book subscription club to receive all his books!  OMGosh!  Dr. Seuss was really AWESOME!  And now I know the real reasons why we celebrate him in March.  He taught me a couple of lessons that I wanted to share with you quickly and maybe you can relate...

Be More Creative in All Facets of Life!

Many of you that know me already know that I'm artsy-fartsy in the first place.  I draw clip art for a "job" and draw for fun.  That's the first way I connect with Dr. Seuss.  Did you know he wrote and illustrated almost all of his books?  Not only was he talented with words, he could draw as well!  This just makes me think that there has to be more ways I can be creative as well, besides drawing.  So I've vowed to myself to allow creativity into my life anyway it can!  In what ways could you be more creative?

Hop on Your Pop and Put Socks on Your Fox

Ok, I'm no writing legend like Dr. Seuss, but my point is to let more fun into my life like he did.  Really think about how fun his life must have been!  He wrote silly, thought silly, and drew silly.  That would be awesome to be more silly once in a while (in an appropriate way, of course!)  But you know what I mean.  Life needs to be more than work and taking care of the worlds children.  Let's be children ourselves more often and play and have fun!  Are you down?  In what ways could you allow more fun into your life?

I turned my research into a Dr. Seuss product that includes many facts and fun things to do with your students!  It's an Author Study first and Book Study second.  I'm providing you with a few free pages!  Just click here for these pages!

If you're interested in the full 80 page packet, you can check it out here!

Click on the picture above to be taken back to the Primary Pack for more wonderful ideas about celebrating Dr. Seuss and his work!

Have a wonderful day my friends and Happy B-Day Dr. Seuss!

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