Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Fun! Clip Art Freebie

Hello friends!  I'm so excited that it's October...It's so fun to celebrate Halloween AND it's my birthday month!  

I'm joining in with Mel from Graphics from the Pond for what she's called October Fun!  A group of clip artists have joined together to share with you FUN for the entire month of October!  Which is awesome because 1)  It's my favorite month and 2) It's my birthday month (ok, I know I already said that, but I just love October!)  So anyhoo, for October Fun, us clip artists will be sharing with you FREE clip art from out TpT Stores, Facebook, and right here on our blogs.  How awesome is that?  I told you...October Rocks!

So let get this partay started right!  Here's my October Fun Freebie for you today friends!

I even jazzed it up with glitter.  What!  I know, right?  That's awesome.  I told you October Rocked!  Just click on the image above and grab your Dracula images and make sure to check back tomorrow for more October Fun goodness!

Peace out until tomorrow friends,


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Purple Palmetto! You're so very welcome and I'm glad you came to visit. And I'm not sure where that is in the picture near your name, but I'd much rather be there than here in Michigan. Today it was only 48 degrees! What? Come on Mother Nature!
      Your Friend,

  2. Thank you Cara for the Dracula Freebie! These are adorable!

    1. Lawren! Hello, I've been meaning to contact you! Thanks so much for the "gift"...I'll email you soon my friend! Cara;)

    2. Spooky! Love it Cara, Thank you!

  3. My students are going to flip over these! I've long been a fan on TPT and now I'm so glad I found your blog! Thanks, Jen :)

  4. Cara... girllllllllllllllllllll you got it going on!!!! That is the cutest clip art I have seen all season!!! Love it love it love it!! Can't wait to use it!


  5. These are absolutely adorable. I love your dracula and I love the extra glitter you added to them!

  6. Not only is that the cutest Dracula EVER...he has GLITTER! You rock!


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