Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Giveaway Isn't Over Yet! Come Visit for Your FREE Clip Art!

Day 4 of my Milestone Giveaway is Here!

As a special surprise for visiting, I have a FREE clip art set for you to enjoy!  Keep scrolling down...

Here are today's prizes:

$40.00 TpT Store Credit 

from the Stores Above!

Easter Kids Design Kitfrom Creative Playground

Place Value Centers
from Creative Playground

And as a special surprise for visiting today...
Click here for this set of St. Patrick's Day Monsters!

 Don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway!  

Winners of Day 1 and Day 2 are Sue Blankenship and Kayse Morris.

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  1. Spring break will begin on Good Friday and go until the Monday after Easter.

  2. March 20; 3:10pm. But who's counting? :-)

    Thanks for the cute monsters!!

  3. Spring Break is in March. However, that could change since we have had so many snow days!

  4. Third week of March. I'm so glad I found you on pinterest this morning. Congratulations on your milestone. I love the St. Patrick's Day Monsters and the Dinosaur Mega bundle! Thanks! I'm a new follower.
    DebNot very fancy in 1st

  5. Spring break is the 2nd week of March this year- too early, I think.

  6. It begins Good Friday and last until the next Friday!


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