Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Meet-Me

Hello friends!  Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their Summer Bloggin' Series!  The above is a picture of three things that you may not know about me...

1.  I LOVE BLING-  If you need sunglasses to look at it...I love it!  I love sparkle, glimmer and shimmer.  If I could take a bath in diamonds and glitter, believe me, I would!  Here's another one of my favorite pics that describes my passion for glam:
I mean, isn't that just,    beau-ti-ful?  LOVE my bling!

2.  I LOVE MY FUR BABY-  I have another son in my home that I have to constantly clean up after, feed, help him go potty, get dressed (when I want to make him up cute).  It's my chihuahua, Blue.  We acquired him in a strange way:  My Dad thought it would be nice if my son had a dog.  So he got him one for his birthday.  Awww, how cute, you might be thinking.  Yeah, it would have been nice if my Dad would have asked me first!  Ok, now jump to three years later.  I have to admit, I do love my dog Blue.  He is the nicest, most gentle dog (except to the mailman) you've ever seen.  We've had him since he was a baby, so we've kind of trained him to be a baby.  I don't have a picture, but I've trained him to sit in my arms like a baby.  I can cradle him and he just sits there on his back with his arms and legs up in the air.  It is so stinkin' cute!

3.  I LOVE LEMONS-  I know.  It's strange.  But, I love to eat lemons... I can cut one up and just eat it without sugar or anything.  I just love sour period.  My favorite candy is Lemonheads.  I love the smell of lemons; I have a lemon candle lit right now next to me.  When I was little and lived in California, we had a lemon tree in my front yard.  I would pick the lemons off it and just eat them right there.  That was when I was three.  And I'm still in love with lemons!

So there you go, three weird facts about me;)  Believe me, there are plenty of other weird things about me.  But we better save them for another post...I don't want to scare you away.  Hee, Hee.  For those of you that are brave enough  I have a challenge for you:  Leave a comment about one weird thing about you!  Go ahead, I dare you!

And if you haven't already, please make sure to enter my giveaway for a $30.00 TpT Gift Certificate and a Free Follower Resource Pack worth over $35.00 full of awesome clip art!  The rafflecopter entry form is in a post below! 

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. We have a lot in common. First...I love bling too! My pants, shirts, jewelry you name it. Maybe it is because I have 3 boys so I need to feel girly every once in a I do have one baby girl in my deer legged chihuahua, she is just precious. She actually showed up on our doorstep malnourished and mistreated last summer. She is all good now and I had always wanted a lap dog...but the hubby wasn't going for it. But he couldn't say no to our little precious Trixie, since she found us. One weird thing about me in none of my food can touch on my plate...I know....don't say it. I also linked up with the Monday Meet Up if you want to read about my other interesting facts. Glad to learn more about you.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Hi, Laura! Are you my secret twin I've always been looking for? That's awesome that we have so much in common! I know a lot of people that have that food thing...Do you eat one thing before moving onto another? Just wondering! I will for sure come visit your blog soon!


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