Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Meet Up-Dear Me Letter

Today I'm hooking up with The Teaching Tribune's, Summer Linky Series and today is Monday Meet Up-Dear Me Letter.  Our post is to be a letter to ourselves that outlines our journey into and in the blogging world and to give advice to ourselves relevant to our own experiences.
Well, I kinda just started blogging two days ago, so I decided to write a letter to myself with words of encouragement, as I begin my blogging journey.  Here is my letter to myself:

If there are any bloggers out there that have any words of wisdom, I'd be happy to hear them as I'm very eager to make this bloggin' thing the best experience I can.  Leave any comments you have below, and make sure to link up to The Teaching Tribune for more Monday Meet-Ups.

I also wanted to share with you more information about the crazy and creative me...
Here are some more of my favorite things:

I'd LOVE to hear some of your favorites!  If you wouldn't mind, would you take a minute to comment on some things that are your favorite? I'm curious to see if any of us have any similar likes!  Please leave a message below...


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