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Top 3 Ways to Raise Facebook Engagement!

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The Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Tip Number 3 to increasing your Facebook engagement relates to taking pictures.  I mentioned that it's critical to include an image in each Facebook post that you make.  But what kind of pictures do you include?

Here are four characteristic of an A+ Image to include on your Facebook post!  Take a look at this photo I found on Pinterest:

The four characteristics you see above are the exact reasons this photo caught my eye.  It worked and drew me to this wonderful site! 
First of all, it's ORGANIZED.  The pictures aren't willy-nilly, all over the place.  The author chose to arrange them in an organized collage.  
Secondly, the photos are UNIQUE.  Personally, I think this arrangement of photos are unique because of the arrangement for one.  I like the collage lay out.  Next, I love all the bright colors and not one photo overpowers the others with their content.  
Make your Facebook photos and images unique and try to include ones that are not all over Facebook already!
The next characteristic of an A+ Image is RELEVANT.  I am a teacher as you know.  Each picture in the collage relate to me because they're all photos of a classroom.  Make your Facebook photos match what your talking about in your post!  
And lastly, REALISTIC  is the next thing you must make your Facebook images, especially if you're posting a "How-to" article.  I could make almost all of the things in the photos above.  I would bet that most teachers would relate to this picture and could make the majority of things shown.  Your Facebook photos must be realistic and not something impossible for your viewers.

So this photo caught my eye for all those reasons listed above.  I went even further and found this blog, Fancy Frugal Life.  And this is what I found.  
Check out these photos:

Isn't this reading room beautiful?  I was in awe of the photo when I saw it, but then I realized where this room is!  It's actually a spot under a set of stairs in this woman's home!  That makes this reading room rock even more, in my opinion.  If I was a child, I would love to have a room like this!
Each of these photos follow the A+ Image Characteristics above!  They are relevant, realistic, organized, and unique.  Perfect images to make my point.  Try to include photos that will draw in your readers just like I did with these.

OK, now for the Number 2 way to increase your Facebook engagement!  You have to literally ask people to come to your Facebook page or blog site.
I know it might sound corny, but yes, you really do have to ask people to like you.  It doesn't have to be in the words, "Please Like Me!" but something that gives the reader a directive after reading your post.  If you want the person to click the like button, put that in your directive.  If you want them to share your post, mention that in your directive.  Tell the reader what you want them do to increase your engagement!

And now the Number 1 Way to Increase Your Facebook Engagement...

Drum roll please....

Number 1:  CTA

First I want to draw your attention to the left side of the image.  The letters CTA stand for Call to Action, which means you have to give your reader a direction of what to do with your site.  How do you want them to engage with your Facebook page?  Like?  Share?  Go to Your Blog?  This relates perfectly with Number 2 above.  However, this tip includes ways to get the reader there.  People have actually done research on the best ways to get people to engage with your facebook page!  If you look on the right side of the notebook image, there are the reasons you might want people to visit your site.
For example, if you wanted to gain sales to your TpT Store, give your reader the link to your store in your Facebook post.  That CTA is a good way to gain sales.  If you want to Increase your Signups on Facebook, as listed above, give your readers the CTA of liking your page.  Actually tell them where the like button is on your facebook page.  I've even seen some Facebookers include an image of their Like button on their Facebook page, to get the reader to like their page.

If you are visiting me from my initial post at The Primary Pack, I want you to think of the CTA I used at the end of my post...  If you are here from that post, then my CTA worked!  I purposely gave you reasons to come here to my blog, kind of like a teaser.  I promised you I would give you the Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement.  So my CTA of urging you to my site worked if you're here from the Primary Pack post and I might use that CTA again in the future.
So when posting on Facebook, first think of the type of CTA you want to use, or the purpose of your readers engaging with your post.  Then come up with a way to do that...a contest?  a interview?  a poll?  
Remember these three words CALL TO ACTION!  Every Facebook or blog post must have a CTA to increase your engagement.  It's a must!

Friends, I hope I shed a little light on this topic and you got some useful tips to increasing your engagement!  I know there are a lot more ways to increase engagement, especially CTA's.  
I would really love to hear your ways to getting people to your blog post or Facebook post!  How do you get your readers to come back?  What CTA's do you use?  Leave your comments below!

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