Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Make the Cutest Thanksgiving Snack with Your Class!

 Looking for the cutest snack craft you can make with your kiddos for Thanksgiving?  Try these...

These Gumdrop Gobbles are really easy to make and allow the students to use creativity.  The best part is that they can eat them afterwards!  

To make these, you'll need:

To start, students will need one, big gumdrop wedge.  The package said they were "Fruit Wedges".  You could also use the big gumdrops for the base of the turkey.

2.  Students will then need to cut the bottoms off three small gumdrops and attach them to the base.  (That's the black arrow above.)  When they cut the bottoms, the gumdrops will be tacky and stick right to the base with no problem.  These are the "feathers".

3.  Next, cut the tops off two gumdrops for the wings.  Those are the white gumdrops in the picture.  Cut two orange drops for the feet and attach those to the base for the feet.

4.  Then cut a yellow drop for the beak and a red piece for the snood.

5.  Finally, attach two mini-chocolate chips with frosting for the eyes.

And there you have you own cute, gumdrop gobbler!

I'd love to hear what you do for Thanksgiving in your classroom or at your own home!  Leave your comments below!

Until Next Time Friends,


  1. Thanks so much Deb! It's so very nice to hear from you friend; I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Your friend, Cara;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Alexis! These are right up your alley Ms. Chef! Good to hear from you friend, Cara;)


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