Saturday, November 28, 2015

Make the Cutest Holiday Card for Christmas!

Looking for a cute classroom craft for this Christmas?  Try this easy Fingerprint Holiday Craft... Your families will LOVE it!

The first step is to draw a squiggly line on a sheet of white cardstock with a Sharpie marker.  Then add little squares for the bottom of the lights.   Make enough squares for all the kiddos in your classroom. Your paper should look like this...

You have a couple of options for this next step.  I chose to do it the "easy" way and use paint markers from Crayola instead of paint.  You could also use watercolors or tempra paints but it will much more messy!  It's up to you really.

If you choose to use markers, color the students fingertips like this:

Then press their fingertips onto the squares you drew with the marker.  Spread different colors out to make it more festive.

Lastly, add the text of your choosing to the paper.  You could use Merry Christmas or From Room 201, or whatever you like.  I chose to use Happy Holidays, because not all families celebrate Christmas.

You could also print the cards in black and white and students could color the fingerprints with markers if you'd like to save on copy costs.  Either way, this will be the cutest craft for your class this Christmas!

I'd love to hear your comments or about what crafts you do for the holidays in your room...

Until Next Time Friends,


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