Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Directed Drawing Lesson of One Groovy Cat

Hello Friends!  
By now, I'm sure you know I just love, love, love to draw and today I want to share with you a directed drawing lesson.  I chose "someone" that all of us are familiar with...that one groovy cat (for copyright reasons, I'll stay shy of his name.) Please let me know if you like this directed drawing and I'd be happy to do more for you all!  Ok, here we go; grab your pencils and let's draw!

I've included all the slides that you see above and the printable for your students to color the groovy cat themselves!  I really hope you like this and you can use it in your class.  I'd appreciate any comments you might have and don't forget to enter my Half-Way There Back-to-School Giveaway with a TON of prizes!  I'll announce the winners soon!

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  1. You are always so very generous on your blog. Thank you again!! I'm always happy when your blog appears in my Bloglovin' feed. Have a great night!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Aww, Lisa what a touching comment! Thanks from the bottom of my heart really. I truly believe in teacher sharing with each other instead of reinventing. Too bad others aren't the same, but I maybe I can make up for some;) Sincerely, Cara


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