Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Say It Like You Licked a Lemon!

Whoo, hoo!  It's another 2 for Tuesday link up with the Teaching Tribune!  I have some awesome products you'll love for Back-to-School at half off the regular price!  But wait, there's more...I'm also having a sale of 20% off all my products, so add that to the half off and whoa!  What a savings!

First is my new product, Say It Like You Licked a Lemon, which is a set of cards you use to energize your classroom.  For example, there are 26 cards, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Each cards represents a way to for students to announce something, or read a passage, or talk in a group setting.  Like take a look at the pictures below:

Students would read like a turtle if the T card was chosen or a Slithering Snake if the S card is chosen.  What a fun way to read for the students and get some great practice also!  You can find this product here.

My second product is called Phonics Phun.  It is a set of print and go printables that all you do is copy to use!  They are geared towards the younger crowd and practice using many different phonics skills...rhyming, sight words, letter sounds, etc.

Make sure to grab this product here and Say It Like You Licked a Lemon here!  They are both more than 50% off so you won't want to miss this wonderful sale!  I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune.  Click on the picture below for more wonderful bargains!

Don't forget to enter my huge Half-Way There Back-to-School Giveaway with a ton of prizes.  Winners will be chosen on Friday!  Good Luck!

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