Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Last Week for Big Savings! The Final Two for Tuesday

Hello friends!  Today I'm linking up The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday.  This will be the last week of these wonderful deals on so many products, so grab things at these savings while you can!
Today I'm offering the perfect Back-to-School products; the first being my ABC, Come Learn with Me Bundle.

You'll receive in this colorful, vibrant, bundled product:
~ABC Big Book: This book features the letters of the alphabet and labeled, beginning-sound pictures. This is perfect for emerging readers because they can even "read" the pictures!

~ABC Posters: Included are full-page letter posters for display that included both the upper and lowercase letters.

~I Have, Who Has? Game: This game features the letters of the alphabet and recognition. Students will become pros at this game in no time and is a class favorite.

~Play Dough Mats: There are very realistic play dough mats that feature the ABC's on half-page posters. These are perfect for a play dough center or small groups.

~ABC Clip-It Cards: Students are asked to find the beginning sound pictures that match the letters of the alphabet and clip them with a clothespin or paper clip. A dry erase marker can also be used.

~ABC Puzzle Cards: This is a self-checking puzzle center in which students match the letters of the alphabet with beginning sound pictures. Both upper and lowercase letters are used.
Hunt and Color~ Students will find and color all the pictures that start with the specified letter (x26)

Mini-Books~ A mini-book with only 2 cuts! that asks the students to color, trace and draw a picture for specified letters (x26)

Sort and Glue~ Students will cut out each picture and sort them by their beginning sounds, and glue them into the correct letter categories. (x9)

ABC Maze~ Students will start at the letter A and follow each letter of the alphabet through the maze. They will color each letter until they reach the letter Z.

Trace, Write, Spin to Win~ Students will trace the specified letters (upper/lower), write (upper/lower), and spin and graph the letter for the sheet. (x15)

Cut and Glue~ Students will cut out the letters and glue them in the missing letter boxes to complete the entire ABC sequence. (x8)

Cut and Sort~ Students will cut out the picture words and sort them by their beginning sounds and glue them into the letter categories. (x12

 The second product I'm offering is my Back-to-

School Meet the Teacher Book Kit.  

Included in the kit is 12 pages of "Fill-in-the-Blank"/short answer prompts that touch on the following topics:
My Portrait
My Favorites
My Dislikes
My Family
My Hobbies
My Hopes
My Childhood
My Name
My Goals
Our Classroom

There are spaces available for you to include photographs of your family and/or hobbies also! The assembly of the book is simple; just copy onto cardstock, add your personal reflections, laminate and bind with staples, rings, or in a binder. Viola! A new book for your Classroom Library that will undoubtedly become one of the favorites of your students.

The graphics in the book have glitter and glam, which will attract the students to read the book all about their teacher. It will be in your own handwriting, which will be a good model for them to follow and it makes it more personalized. By having it in a PDF file, you can redo it the next year if need be very simply, even if it's just one or two pages. 

I'm on a roll with making more fonts...
Here's my newest for you in celebration of my trip coming up this Thursday!

Click here to download this font!

I hope this Tuesday finds you in good spirits and happy day to you!
All My Best,


  1. What? Fonts? I didn't know you were making fonts! (Maybe you'll make some with the Latin characters??!!) I'm crazy for clip art and fonts!! Have a great time in Vegas! :)

    1. Hello friend! You are too funny! I will have to try to look into the Latin characters...I don't know much about them. I may have to call on you for some expert help! And we're just alike with the clip art and fonts, crazy! Thanks so much for visiting, Cara;)

    2. All I need are vowels with accent marks: á é í ó ú, an ñ, an upside down question and exclamation mark: ¿, ¡...then I'm all set! I have to pass up so many cute fonts because not many people create these. Let me know if you decide to give it a try! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the super cute font!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. You're so welcome Laura! I really do appreciate all you kind comments. That really does mean a lot to me. Have a wonderful day friend, Cara;)

  3. Thank you for the free font, it's super cute! I'm your newest follower from Muskegon too!!

  4. Have fun in Vegas! I will just enjoy your font while I am sitting here in the middle of nowhere... Thank you!!


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