Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Summer Fonts!

  I admit it...I'm a font addict!  Raise your hand if you're with me and just love to use creative fonts!   When looking for some fun, new fonts for Summer, I came across these.  The best part...they're free!  Just click on the links below to download the fonts you like.

I also have a font I made for you...CT Roly Poly!  It's a very simple font, with rounded letters instead of ones with square corners.  All upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation are included but not shown.  I hope you like it!  You may use it for both personal and commercial use.  
Click  the picture to download this font, Roly Poly.
Happy Day to You,


  1. Cara, thank you for the font! Do you have any tips for keeping track of fonts you download/use? They are so hard to find on the pulldown menu on PowerPoint. I usually just look for fonts that being with the designers name, i.e. yours is CT. Also, some of the fonts listed above state that you have to contact the author for commercial use. Others don't indicate. What do you do in that case?

  2. Hi Sebrina! What a GREAT question! I wish I had a magic and handy answer for you, but I don't. I totally understand what you're talking about though. I guess in regards to if the designer doesn't indicate, I personally would think it's fair game. But that doesn't mean I'm correct! I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that wouldn't touch it then. So I guess that's your personal decision. I have contacted some authors about their fonts...Most say it's ok to use if I explain what I'm using it for...To promote a teacher-author product and NOT to promote their font. Some say to give them credit somewhere on the product. Some also will direct you to where you can purchase the font for commercial use. But I tend to think that if the authors put it on dafont like where I got the above fonts from, then they want people to use it. You've given me and other readers some great things to ponder about fonts Sebrina! Thanks so much...Cara;)


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