Thursday, August 14, 2014

22-Day Drawing Challenge

I've been drawing ever since I can remember.  I was one of those kids that had a gazillion art projects scattered around the house, with my Mom not knowing what to do with all of them!  Finally, she made a clothesline across my room and hung them all up that way.  But I can vividly remember how bright they were and all the different mediums I would use:  paint, crayons, markers.  Once I used my Mom's fuschia fingernail polish on the bathroom walls for my masterpiece.  NOT a good idea.
But what I remember most is the way art made me FEEL.  I was happiest when I was drawing, creating, painting, anything that involved that creative part of my brain.  I know I'm biased, but I always have my "ARTDAR" on when I get a new crop of kiddos every year.  I search out those students that excel in art or those that have a passion for it and I nurture their desire for art all year, in any way I can.  I honestly have at least one student every year win an art scholarship because I'm so passionate myself about it.  Just think about it...Art might be their ticket to a better life!  A better job, being a better problem solver, being able to think outside the box...the list is endless.
So I'm urging you today, as we all begin school, to find those one, two, three kids that love art and help them with their passion.  Show them how to draw something, more art books in the library, slip them an expensive marker, whatever!  It doesn't matter what you do, the fact that you're helping to build their passion is act enough.

So I'm helping you today by passing along this printable I created for those students that we have that are ready for an art challenge.  You can use this printable in many ways...Have them choose a topic at random.  Follow them one by one, toss a coin and see which box it lands on; I'm sure you can come up with more ideas of how to use it!  I plan on using it for fast finishers (um, quality fast finishers!  Not those that are rushing through work to make some art!)  and having them keep a sketchbook or notebook for their extra work.  Or the pages could just be in a folder, but try to have something tangible at the end, just in case they do want to apply for a scholarship and need some kind of artwork.

This printable is a 22 Day Challenge of things they are to draw, however they want, with whatever they want.  The bottom line is that they will be drawing and nurturing their passion for that natural desire within them.
I'd love to hear your thoughts about those artists in your class and if and how this printable will be of use to you!

Have a great day friends and do something artistic today for me, would ya?


  1. Super Super!!! I have a 6 year old artist in my home! This will be fun. We will start today.

  2. Yay! I'm so, so happy you can use this, and in your own home too! I so wish my son liked art, but he could care less. Have fun with your challenges and I'd LOVE to see what your baby comes up with! Your friend, Cara;)

  3. Thanks Jamie! If you're an artist (or not...It's good relaxation) go ahead and try it yourself! Thanks for visiting friend, Cara;)

  4. I love your post. I've always enjoyed drawing and doodles too! When I was little I had a purple folder where I kept all my drawings and doodles on one side and stories I had started writing on the other side. I like encouraging my students when I notice they have a strong artistic side, too. I love your idea of the 22-day challenge. Thanks for sharing! :)


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