Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Take the Best Blog Photos and a Free Font!

My poor Mom...She's one of "those" people that are technically challenged, especially with cameras.  There's been many of times which I've wanted her to capture that perfect moment of my son and I on film, and well, it just didn't work out how I would have liked.
So I've ended up asking some passerby to take the photo, which probably hurt her feelings.  But, for instance, we were at a craft show and a certain musical star just happened to walk passed us.  What?  Hurry and grab the camera ma.  So she's fiddle-fartin around, trying to turn the darn thing on.  OMGosh, take the picture already.  Well, let's just say, I got a few more seconds to hang onto my fav musical star, while she tried to figure out the camera.  So, in the words of Pete the Cat, "It was ALLLL good!"  
But now to your blog...There are some certain do's and don'ts to taking the perfect shots for your blog.  Here are a few tips I've learned along the way, that I'd like to pass along to you.

You do not need to be a photography expert at using your camera!  But, by at all costs, know how to turn it on quickly (Ma, that one was for you!)  No, but seriously, at least know the basic functions of your camera.  
Such as:
~the power button (Hee, Hee)
~how to focus manually and auto focus
~auto settings on your camera, such as outdoors, indoors, fireworks, etc.
~how to delete photos
~Where the flash button is

And, this is an extra tip:  take MANY photos!  Your first one might not turn out.  Your second one might not be the best either.  Take as many as you need to get that perfect shot.  Your blog is something you want to look its best.  Always.

You'll want to use NATURAL light as much as possible.  So no taking photos at night!  Try to do it on the weekends during the prime light times, like in the afternoon.  Most of us aren't home during the day, so that's why I said wait until the weekend.  The natural light makes everything look so much better...your subject, the background, everything.  Turn off that flash unless your camera tells you to turn it on.  And if it does, you probably shouldn't be taking the picture in that light in the first place.

No, I don't expect you to have a professional backdrop!  But here's the trick I use:  go to the dollar store and pick up two white, foam core boards, or poster boards will work.  Use one for the back and one for the bottom of your subject.  Here's an example:
In this example, I have a white board on the bottom and I just propped up everything against my window shades to get some instant white light!  Choose a spot in your house where you have the most light and can make a little studio space.  You can also use a white sheet in the background.  Or I've even heard of people using boxes and wrapping them up in wrapping paper with pretty designs and using that for the background.  If you choose that option, don't use something with a too busy print.  It will take away from your subject.

Next, zoom in as close as you can to your subject.  Use your camera's zoom feature, and get up close physically.  But be careful...if you get up close make sure the photo is in focus too.  Some cameras have a micro function button for these type of photos.  You want as much of your subject in the photo as possible and nothing else really.  And make sure you have nothing unexpected in the background.  For example, if you're taking a picture in your child's bedroom, pick up the toys in the back!  Fix that bedspread so it's flat!  Pick up any clothes laying on the floor!  You get the point.  Get in close, close, close to your subject.

Straight on isn't always the best angle for photos.  If you're trying to emphasize the side of  your subject, for goodness sakes, get on the side or turn it so you can get what you want in the photo.  Try different angles, like high above, level with, or on the side.  Be careful with this one too though...You don't want a picture that's not level.  By this I mean, if you have a picture with a horizon line in the back, you want the line to be level.  It will just look better!

I hope these tips will help you take better photos for your blog!  If you have any other tips for readers, please leave them below.  I'd love to read and learn from your tips also!

If you like the doodle numbers you saw above, I just finished updating this set in my store.  And the best part...They're only a $1.00!  You can get them here.

And finally, I have another font for you today!  This is another basic one that will work for virtually anything.  

Have a nice day friends!


  1. Cara, I love the idea of using a poster board as a backdrop! If we use your numbers in a blog post, how do we provide credits?

    1. Hello Sebrina! Just a little mention somewhere in the post is fine. Nothing major; just as long as it's there somewhere. Thanks Sebrina! Your friend, Cara;)

  2. Cara I love all these tips! Your new font is perfect for back 2 school

    1. Thanks so much Savvy! I hope your back to school is awesome! I'm glad you like the font, too, Cara;)

  3. Excellent tips about taking photographs - as this is one of my goals for this year to get to be a much better photographer your post couldn't have come at a better time!! Miss V and Mrs D are having a linky party for sharing "keys to success" and I think this post would be an excellent one to contribute to it (I have linked up too if you want to check it out). Thanks as well for the lovely font - I particularly like the French 7 :-) Your friend, Pempi. Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  4. Thanks so much friend for the compliments! I hope my tips will come in handy and I will for sure check into linking up with Miss V and Mrs D! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Cara;)


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